We promise our customers service filled with excellence and Integrity, our personal best and consistent quality.
Elite Travel Inc. is people centric, service focused, and technology driven.

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Meet Our Staff

Elite Travel Inc was founded by people who love travel for its ability to enrich our lives and increase our appreciation for the world in which we live. By sharing our knowledge and experience with other travelers, and offering useful and appreciated travel vacations and products we are there to ease the bumpy roads, we help make travel a more comfortable, safe, and rewarding experience. We owe our success to three core principles. 



Carolyn Sandgren (Kempf)
President/Travel Expert

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Tonya Blunt
Disney and all things beyond

Tonya Blunt

Shannon Thompson
Sales Manager

Jaime Stroder
Assistant Sales Manager

Jaime Stoder

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Danielle Rios
Travel Expert/Foodie guru

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Brittney Leek
Home and Condo Specialist & all places beyond vacations

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Carolyn Kempf, Founder/Owner


In 1992, Carolyn Kempf combined her love of travel and experience in the travel industry to open Elite Travel Inc. in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Carolyn knew there was a niche opportunity in the market to excel her business by implementing a concrete philosophy of top-notch customer service coupled with the most knowledgeable agents to truly give customers the travel experience provided by agents in major cities. What she didn’t realize was this niche focus was not common in the industry, even in large metropolitan areas. Therefore her business thrived rapidly, gaining clients from across the country.

Elite Travel was founded on strict adherence to these guiding principles:

  • Offer vacation products of the highest caliber
  • Never compromise superior customer service

These principles have brought Elite Travel Inc. national recognition for service and products, leading the way for the highest of industry recognitions and awards year after year. In addition, Carolyn and her team travel extensively so they can expertly recommend vacation destinations and accommodations they have experienced themselves. They learn the culture, find the opportunities to enhance a travel experience, and create packages that uniquely fit each customer’s travel desires.

Giving back to the community is paramount for Carolyn as she is dedicated to helping others succeed. Sponsorships, volunteer time and board appointments are just a few of the many ways our community is better because of the dedication of Elite Travel and its team members.

One of Carolyn’s best lines is “Travel is not between places…it’s between people.” This ideology is exactly how Carolyn and her team approach each travel request, no matter how big or small. It’s about the person and the experience they need for that particular trip. The location is just one of the details. You cannot get that level of commitment, service or responsiveness from the Internet. Never.

Imagine these scenarios:

You want to take a group vacation, but are not sure where to go in order to accommodate everyone’s wishes. Carolyn and her team can guide you through the many options.

You are not sure how to arrange transportation from airport to hotel to the next locale. Carolyn and her team can arrange all travel so you can focus on your vacation.

You arrive and find someone in your group needs to get home quickly for an emergency. Carolyn and her team can help arrange immediate travel back home.

Bad weather sets in and your flight is cancelled. Carolyn and her team can find you alternate transportation, hotel accommodations, and even upgrades to get you home safely, expeditiously and with a few amenities along the way. Just make one phone call.

You can receive all of this and more without paying any additional fees for their services. They are recouped their time from the travel industry direct, meaning you get the advice and support without adding the extra expense.

And if you still think travel agents are not as commonplace prior to the vast Internet options, consider this:

Travel agents book

  • 87% of cruises
  • 81% of all group tours
  • 51% of all airline tickets
  • 45% of all car rentals
  • 47% of all hotels

Experienced agents, passionate about travel, located right her in Cape Girardeau yet have traveled the world all to make your travel experience the best, most cost-effective and hassle-free as possible. Welcome to Elite Travel Inc.