We promise our customers service filled with excellence and Integrity, our personal best and consistent quality.
Elite Travel Inc. is people centric, service focused, and technology driven.

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How We Work

Questions, Lots of Questions

This is the initial consultation, either in person, by phone by email.  We are not being nosy,  we are really trying to get a better understanding of your likes, dislikes, dreams, etc.  Tell us about your past vacations, what you liked didn't like.  What you want different out of this vacation.  Where do you normally book your vacations and what can we do differently to build a long term loyal relationship to be your home when you think of traveling?

What is on your bucket list?  And we have to talk at some point about your budget and goals for the cost of this vacation.  Money is a funny thing, it makes people uncomfortable, but we are here to find you the best value for your vacation dollar.  We work for you, not ourselves, not the airlines and not the cruise lines.  We are travel experts and consultants with almost a century of travel. 


Good Faith Agreement

We will discuss our good faith agreement and send you a copy of it and you can look at it HERE

It outlines our commitment to you and what we ask from you to give you the best vacation experience.  If the good faith agreement for complimentary services is not a good fit we can do a fee for service research fee if you elect to book your travel elsewhere for $50.00. Most client elect the complimentary service, with our lowest price guarantee, price match ability and extra service and value added benefits beyond what you can get online.


After the Consultation

After the initial free consultation,  and we both agree on the good faith agreement we will move forward to  discuss our no vacation booking fees policy on most products.  On the rare case if to get you the best vacation experience if we need to sell you a product at cost we may incorporate a minor handling charge, always included in the total.    If we miss the mark, and you don’t like any part of the vacation component, we will work with you as a team to find the perfect fit (as long as it exists)  We keep tweaking it until you are satisfied.


After you Book

Once you have signed-off on your vacation itinerary, we will pull all of the pieces together for you transportation, accommodations, sightseeing tours, travel insurance, tour guides, etc.  We will process payments for you with the various suppliers as needed, provide you with invoices, keep you apprised of any changes along the way, present your travel documents prior to travel  in person if possible with our award winning pre travel walk through. Answer questions you have all along the planning process 7 days a week, and be available to you while you are traveling as well. Most of our travel products come with a 24/7 during travel hot line. 


Once You Return

Our services don’t when you get home.   After a few days to settle back into reality, we’ll reach out to you and ask about your vacation.  We love to see vacation pictures, but we also want feedback about your trip and your experience with Elite Travel Inc.  And in the unlikely event that you ran into issues that could not be resolved “on the road,”  of course you will call us if there are any during travel issues, but in addition we’ll step in and do what we can on your behalf after you return home to make sure have the proper post travel service from your vacation vendor you deserve.